Corporate Expansion: Relocation or Renovation? (Part II)

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overcrowded office spaceLast week we began the discussion of renovation vs. relocation during the corporate expansion process. There are several questions that need to be asked and subsequently answered before deciding whether to relocate to a new office or to renovate your current workspace. To simplify the decision-making process, D.J. McGauley & Associates has prepared a checklist of questions that you should consider.  The list continues below…

4. How will the expansion affect your bottom line?

Whether you relocate or renovate, you should first calculate the monthly costs it will entail. Will relocating increase your basic costs? Will renovating be more costly for your business in the long run, in terms of maintenance, because of the increase in lease?

Carefully evaluate which of the two options will increase the efficiency of the employees, offer better access to workers, and improve the visibility of your business among several other factors. It all boils down to how it will affect your bottom line, given the interplay of expenses and projected earnings.

5. Do you want to tweak or complete re-brand your company image?

The avenue of corporate expansion you choose will ideally affect your customers and clients as much as it will affect your employees. Many businesses have strategically chosen corporate relocation to jump start their company’s image. This relocation is just one of the many changes they undertook—along with offering new products and services, changing their vision, and sometimes, even changing their names! If you want a fresh start in the truest sense, then a corporate relocation may be exactly what you need.

On the other hand, some companies are reluctant to take such a measure but at the same time express a desire to contemporize their workplace and improve its layout, energy efficiency, and technology. This is where renovation is a more viable option.

6. Do you want no disruption to your operations?

Whether you choose renovation or relocation for your corporate expansion, you can’t lose sight of your business goals—the achievement of which is the entire reason why you’re expanding in the first place. For this reason, you need a corporate relocation and renovations specialist that will ensure that the expansion will go smoothly and will take into account the achievement of all your organizational goals. D.J. McGaulay & Associates will do this, and more; it will also help you understand your new facilities better and provide the assistance needed for post-relocation or renovation.

Corporate Expansion: Renovation vs. Relocation (Part I)

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office space, the movie
office space, the movie

As companies become more dynamic and globalized, corporate expansion is inevitable. Corporate expansion usually involves either the renovation of the workplace or relocation to an entirely new facility. Both corporate relocation and corporate renovation can not only allow a company to meet the growing demands of the business, it can also encourage the workforce to move forward and achieve their goals in a better, more suitable environment.

At D.J. McGauley & Associates, we are often asked by our transitional clients to offer advice on whether it is time to renovate existing office space or relocate to a larger corporate facility. While the choice is ultimately yours, and each situation is unique, it is important to look at both sides of the coin before making such an important and game changing decision. This is why, over the next two weeks, we will be looking at factors that might help you decide whether it is time to renovate or relocate your office space.

1. Are you planning to have an expanded workforce?

If you’re planning to expand and hire a number of employees and the floor area of your current workplace cannot possibly accommodate your target number of employees, then it’s time to relocate. Otherwise, your expanded workforce will have to cram themselves in a tight office space and your business will suffer from decreased productivity. It is also imperative to find the perfect potential new space that fits your budget and at the same time will allow all your employees to comfortably work in their own spaces.

2. Do you want to improve your operations and systems?

The workplace environment is a major factor in employee motivation. If your current workplace is shabby, poorly lit, and/or made of subpar materials, what you likely need is a redesign of your office space—in which case you might want to go for a renovation.

A renovation is also in order if you want to upgrade your furniture and appliances, as well as the systems and technology required to perform employee tasks. It is important to set clear goals and outlines in order to integrate new equipment and systems into your current office structure seamlessly and with as little downtime as possible.

3. Is location a primary consideration?

For one reason or another, you may not be satisfied with the current location of your office. Maybe it’s because the location is not accessible to your target market, clients or expanding workforce. Perhaps it’s not near to your suppliers. Another reason most businesses cite is that they simply want to be in the central business district. For example, if you started your business in a small plaza on the outskirts of Toronto but you’ve always dreamed about relocating to that downtown Bay Street location, it might be time to realize your dream instead of putting your money into a renovation. In other words, if location is a primary factor in your corporate expansion, then corporate relocation should be your choice.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Tune in next week while we continue this discussion with a few more important points to consider.

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office space, the movie

Corporate Renovations Experts in Toronto

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Many people do not realize the full scope of a corporate relocation specialist’s abilities. Did you know that corporate relocation companies will expertly handle a lot more than office moving? For example, D.J. McGauley & Associates will help not only relocate corporate space but also renovate and/or expand your existing corporate location.

Renovation services you can expect from the consultants at D.J McGauley & Associates include:

  • Practical, cost effective and attractive design options that maximize the use of your current space.
  • Furniture solutions and options that fit your needs and budget.
  • Modernization and updates that fit your corporate image, client base and employee needs.
  • Maximizing light and air quality while promoting worker health and ergonomics

If your company is considering renovating or expanding your existing office space, make the consulting team at D.J. McGauley & Associates the first call you make. We have the experience and the know-how to make your corporate renovation in Toronto or surrounding area a glitch-free success.

For more information about why you should call a corporate relocations specialist, read our last blog post, Does the Success of Your Corporate Relocation Rely on Who You Know?

Does the Success of Your Corporate Relocation Rely on Who You Know?

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Does the Success of Your Corporate Relocation Rely on Who You Know?In short, the answer is yes, absolutely. Choosing the wrong contractor, engineer or designer will turn your corporate expansion from a positive to a negative before you’ve had time to file a change of address card at the post office.

This is why, if your office is relocating or expanding, one of the most important decisions you will make in this process is choosing the right corporate relocation specialist for the job. Experienced corporate relocation specialists will not only work with your real estate agent, act as a point of contact with building management of both your current and your newly chosen location, and foresee any potential issues before they become complex problems, they will also hook you up with the best of the best in terms of contacts you will need to enjoy a seamless relocation.

D.J. McGauley & Associates have an extensive network of industry professionals, whom we work with for corporate expansions and relocations. Through years of experience, we have long ago weeded out the contractors who are not ideal and developed relationships with professionals who work on time, on budget and with a focus on making your expansion a great experience. Think of us as your trusted source for all areas of corporate relocation and expansion. We will source the right:

  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Construction teams
  • IT, phone and  cabling experts
  • Movers
  • Furniture, equipment and appliance providers
  • Installation teams

When you make your move with D.J. McGauley & Associates, you will always be one step ahead. Call us today to learn more about our services and find out how we plan to help you with your next corporate relocation.

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Troubled Employees over an Office Relocation?

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3 Tips to Combat Lack of Productivity during a Corporate Move

Relocating your office is expensive enough, but it will be even more costly if the thought of moving to a new workplace causes anxiety and lack of productivity among your employees. This is a common occurrence that most companies have had to struggle with during a corporate move. Because of their desire to speed up the relocation of their office, these corporations often forget one crucial factor: employee productivity.

Here are three ways to address a recurring issue during a corporate move: lack of employee productivity.

Set a time for your employees to sort their personal work desk.

Give your employees time to set aside and organize their personal belongings and files that will be carried over to the new office location. An hour or two for two weeks at most should be enough for your employees to organize their things. If you don’t impose a specific timeframe, your employees will end up rushing their tasks or piling their files in between work hours, which should be allotted specifically for performing their work-related hours.

Communicate with your employees through and through.

According to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, communication plays an integral role in the success of any workplace program. Without question, an office relocation is an example of that. Put a premium in providing regular and open avenues for employees to voice their concerns. By doing this, your employees will stop speculating and they will feel all the more involved in the effort to make the office relocation as seamless and efficient as possible.

Inspire them with the features of their new workplace

Instead of stirring doubt and anxiety, why don’t you give them a glimpse of their fabulous new office? Conduct a communication campaign that will highlight the features of the new office and the improvements over their current workplace. Doing so will not only excite them but even motivate them to achieve their work goals.

At D.J. McGauley & Associates Inc we make sure that all factors will be accounted for when your business decides to move. This includes the possible resistance of your employees, undoubtedly one of your strongest assets and reasons for initiating a corporate move.

D.J. McGauley & Associates Press Release

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Please view our most recent press release. Feel free to share this release with your friend and colleagues. If you have any questions or require more information about this press release or corporate relocation in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us.

Website to better reflect the company’s all-encompassing services

D.J. McGauley & Associates has launched a new and improved website and blog to better serve their clientele. Owner and Project Manager, Michael McGauley is proud of the website, which better reflects the company’s all-encompassing corporate relocation services as well as their ability to partner with and serve real estate agents across the GTA.

“Many people who visited our site before the re-launch would assume we are simply office movers. We would get calls a day or two before a corporate move, asking us to have everything – furniture, computer equipment, phone systems, etc – ready and operational by Monday morning. Of course, D.J. McGauley & Associates excels in this area but we can do so much more for a company if they simply call us sooner. We can make your entire relocation smooth because we understand everything from zoning to permits to renovations to security systems. We truly are the first call an organization needs to make when they have decided to relocate or even expand their existing office space,” said McGauley.

Through years of experience and know-how, D.J. McGauley & Associates has broken down the successful corporate relocation and expansion process into six steps: Find, Design, Build, Furnish, Move, and Maintain.  This six-step process is incorporated into every aspect of their new website to further drive home the point that the actual moving of furniture and equipment is just one aspect of a successful corporate expansion. In addition, they have created a blog, the purpose of which is to interact with new and existing clients, providing a platform for questions to be asked and answered.

“To have a truly seamless relocation,” said McGauley, “it is important to be aware of the big picture as well as the little details that can make or break a move. I am confident our new website and blog will better reflect this philosophy.”

You can visit the new D.J. McGauley & Associates website at, and their blog at


If you would like more information about this press release, or to schedule an interview with Michael McGauley, please contact Michael at